Monday, December 05, 2011

A New Animated Christmas Adventure: The Littlest Angel

My boys and I were given the opportunity to watch the new DVD, The Littlest Angel! The movie is based on a 1946 book by Charles Tazewell and has become the 15th bestselling book of all time. You may even have seen plays performed that are based on the book! I’d never read the book or seen the play, so I was very anxious to see the new movie. This is the story of a little angel boy who’s feeling very out-of-place in his new heavenly home. His acting-out at the Angel Academy means that he may not earn his wings! In the meantime, the Baby Jesus is about to be born, and all of the angels are planning wonderful gifts for him. The littlest angel recalls his special “treasure box” on Earth and sets out to retrieve it to give to God’s Son. Will he be able to get the box and earn his wings in the process?

The Littlest Angel was a lot of fun to watch, with plenty of humor and action to keep my boys entertained. There were many valuable lessons for children about doing your best, friendship, giving selflessly, and more. On the website,, you can find study guides for both children and parents/religious leaders that open the door to discussing the themes in the movie. However, if you’re incorporating this into a Bible study, I think it’s important to discuss with kids how this movie differs from Biblical teachings. For example, when people die, they don’t become angels like the little boy in the movie. The Bible says that angels are separate beings. Also, I was really bothered by the fact that this little boy had died, but his parents are never mentioned or shown. Even when the little boy returns to his house on Earth to retrieve his treasure box, the home appears to be empty, and the boy never once expresses how much he misses his parents or hopes to see them.

The Littlest Angel is an entertaining movie for the family to watch together, and to open up a discussion about the values imparted and Biblical principles presented. You can read more about The Littlest Angel at and pick up a copy in stores and through online retailers!


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Sounds like a great movie! Thanks for the review! :) (ps. Ever review parenting books??)

  2. Yes, I do review parenting books! Feel free to send review requests to me at smhparent at hotmail dot com.


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