Thursday, December 01, 2011

Movie Review: Our Idiot Brother

My husband and I had the opportunity to watch Our Idiot Brother on Blu-ray last night! The movie stars Paul Rudd as Ned, an organic farmer, who gets arrested when he sells some of his home-grown pot to a police officer … in uniform! Yes, Ned may not be the brightest bulb, but he is so optimistic and trusting that you just can’t help loving him. Unfortunately, his three troubled sisters aren’t feeling the love when Ned inadvertently messes up their lives in unexpected ways. After getting out of jail, he finds that his girlfriend is now living with someone else on their organic farm and, even worse, she refuses to give up Ned’s dog, Willie Nelson. So, Ned must bunk with his sisters, who have their own troubles and aren’t too anxious to have Ned in their lives. By the end of the movie, we realize that Ned may be na├»ve, but he’s not such an idiot. His sisters’ lives are eventually changed for the better thanks to Ned.

This goofy but heart-warming movie will have you laughing out loud. Most of us have family members who don’t quite have it all together, like Ned and his sisters. Our families can be our greatest assets -- and our greatest curse -- but they definitely add spice to our lives. A word of warning to parents: Be sure to watch this movie AFTER the kids are in bed. Our Idiot Brother has an R rating for plenty of reasons: nudity, sex, drugs, swearing, and more. There were several scenes when my husband and I looked at each other and said, “I’m glad the kids aren’t in the room!” This is definitely adult-only humor and content. But if you love goofy comedies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin or The Hangover, you’ll definitely be amused by Our Idiot Brother. Visit to learn more. Like the movie on Facebook at And watch the trailer below!

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