Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great Gifts for Teenagers

Teenagers can be a challenge in many ways, including when it comes time to shop for holiday gifts. It can be tempting to take the easy way out and buy a gift card, but with a little extra effort you can give a gift they will actually be excited about. Take a look at some practical, inspirational and unique ideas for the frustrating but lovable teen in your life:

Practical Gifts

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, $10

A fun and useful guide to life’s unexpected emergencies. Make sure your teen knows what to do if they are trapped in quicksand, attacked by an alligator or faced with defusing a bomb. The book features step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to survive the worst-case scenarios. As the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared”! Available at amazon.com.

iPig Speakers, $85

This little piggy is an iPod docking station with five speakers that pump 23 watts of your teen’s favorite tunes. It comes with a four inch sub, bass reflex system, two tweeters, two mid-range drivers, a sound stabilization system and remote control. Want to turn up the volume? Just tap the pig’s ears. Oink! Available from amazon.com.

Inspirational Gifts

Dream Box, $25

Remind your teen that big goals are worth saving for. The pine frame can hold a photo of whatever they desire (a trip abroad, a college campus, art classes, a new snowboard…) and the bank can be filled with change and spare dollars. Dream big! Available at uncommongoods.com.

Travel Pack, $206

Part trunk, part duffle, this Eagle Creek bag is ready to go anywhere, any time. It features rolling wheels, durable ballistic nylon and every zipper is lockable. Give the gift of adventure. Available at travelsmith.com.

Unique Gifts

Sneaker Customization Kit, $45

There’s nothing teens like better than standing out from the crowd (unless it’s acting too cool to be in the crowd in the first place). The sneaker kit contains waterproof paint that has been tested to withstand 100,000 flex repetitions without cracking or chipping, and works on both canvas and leather. Available at uncommongoods.com.

eDrums, $60

You don’t need a giant drum set to train the next Ringo Starr. This electric drum kit can be stored in a desk drawer until it’s time to bang out some rhythms. It plugs into a computer USB port and comes with software for six different drum kits, 48 rhythm patterns and eight special drum effects. Available from skymall.com.

Gifts for Her 

Stackable Birthstone Rings, $90

Birthstone rings are a traditional gift and this stackable version is a modern take on the classic. The sterling silver settings are available with any combination of one, two or three rings worn together. Round gemstones are set in a gold-plated bezel setting with micro-beaded, antique-finished bands. Let your teenage girl sparkle this holiday season! Available from astonroyal.com.

Glow in the Dark Wall Decals, $48

Wall decals are a fun, special and non-permanent way to let your teenager make her room her own. These festive light strings can be placed anywhere in her room to make it feel like an outdoor garden café. Available from amazon.com.

Gifts for Him

Wood Watch, $120

This natural wood timepiece is a nice stepping stone between a Mickey Mouse number and a man’s investment watch. The wood makes it surprisingly lightweight and the Miyota Japanese precision ensures accurate timekeeping. For every watch sold, the manufacturer will plant a tree. Available from redenvelope.com.

Gadget Charger for the Car, $49

The perfect gift for the guy who just got his driver’s license. This looks like a cup of coffee and fits in a car cup holder, but it’s actually a power inverter. It can power three devices at once including 2AC outlets for laptops, DVD players, phone chargers, camera chargers, etc. and one USB power port for iPods, MP3 players and cell phones. Plug it into a DC car outlet with the included cord. Maybe include a note reminding them that while charging and driving is fine, texting and driving is very dangerous. Available from redenvelope.com.


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