Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Elfcapades Continue!

Last month, I told you about the awesome elves that visit our house every year. These Elf Magic elves have been engaged in many “elfcapades” since their arrival! Most recently, they helped my twins celebrate their 8th birthday! When the twins awoke that morning, they found the elves all lined up on the couch with a sign that said, “Happy Birthday, Austen and Caleb! Love, The Elves.”

When they’re not making signs, the elves are busy hiding in many interesting places around the house so that my kids can find them in the morning. Check out some of these places they’ve been hiding!

During the day, the elves are very social, and they like to hang out with the kids. On this particular day, they were watching A Miser Brothers’ Christmas on TV with Austen!

My boys just love having the elves at our house during the holiday season. I hope you’ll visit Elf Magic and order some Elf travel tickets so some special elves can visit your children, too. Start a new family tradition that they’ll look forward to every year!

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  1. What a sweet tradition! I bet your kids just love it!! As I have gotten older I realize it is the little traditions that I had as a child and have started with my own kids that really are the gifts that last a lifetime! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!


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