Friday, December 09, 2011

Children’s Book Review: Curious Critters, by David FitzSimmons

If I had to sum up the book Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons in just one word, I would have to really think of which one to use. Amazing comes to mind, along with beautiful, real, vivid, and fun!

When I first got Curious Critters, I read it in amazement. The pictures are so real and vivid! It is like being right there next to the animals as they posed for these photographs. David FitzSimmons has taken backyard creatures and photographed them in all their beauty. The white background on each page makes the animal pop and lets your children focus on only the critter they see. Each critter has a little story or poem to tell, which gives your children a chance to learn a little about them.

My daughter Sadie is in love with this book. She loves looking at it and hearing the little stories on each page. She also thinks the two-page life-size silhouettes where you can identify critters is fun! Her favorite page is the Bush Katydid ... most likely because it’s pink! She wants to find one in our backyard and take a picture for her wall. The glossary and the natural history pages will come in handy in her school years when she is studying animals or has a project to do. This is a very nice book for a gift for any boy or girl. David FitzSimmons has done a superb job, and any child’s library should have this book in its collection!

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