Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Try Zarbee’s All-Natural Products for Cold and Flu Season!

September should be called the start of germ season. It seems that as soon as the kiddies go back to school and start the fall routine, they bring home germ after germ after germ -- colds, flu, runny noses, sniffles, sneezing, coughs. My daughter, Sadie, started a little early with her fall cold. It was the last week of August, and I had just started my one-week vacation. Summer camp was done, and I had planned a huge, fun to-do list with Sadie for the week. Not a day went by when she did not have a fever and cough, and she still has that cough almost three months later! It’s not as bad, but enough to have one or two coughing spells each night. She has been checked by the doctor half a dozen times, and I have tried to find something for kids that would help with her nights, but there was nothing until I received a sample of Zarbee’s in the mail to try.

Zarbee’s All-Natural Children’s Cough Syrup is for ages 12 months and older. It is a buckwheat-honey-based OTC that helps ease coughs in children. Children over age 2 can also take Zarbee’s Nighttime Cough and Sleep Drink, which is actually what we had the opportunity to try -- and it could not have come at a better time! This momma had one strand of hair left on her head, and the big bags under my eyes told the whole story.

Sadie never LOVED the taste, but once she had a few sips she seemed to not mind the grape flavor. You can also add a bit more water to it until the child gets used to it. By the third treatment, Sadie never said anything about it. You just warm up a little water, add the pouch, and stir. It’s quick, easy and effective! By that point, Sadie had still been getting up a few times a night with spells of coughing. But the first night of starting the Zarbee’s treatment, she only got up once, and it was only for about a 5-10-minute spell. It was answered prayer.

Zarbee’s will be a staple in my medicine cabinet for years to come! I would much rather give her something natural that works than anything else that may not work or harm her. Thank you, Dr. Zak Zarbock, for a good night’s sleep! For more information and to see other Zarbee’s products, visit www.zarbees.com.

DISCLOSURE: A product sample was provided for this review. This post should not be considered medical advice. Check with your child’s doctor before administering any medication, even over-the-counter. Your experience may differ from that of the reviewer’s.


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