Thursday, November 03, 2011

Tips for Eating Out Without Compromising Your Child’s Waistline

Guest post by Dr. Christine Wood
USANA Scientific Advisory Council Member

In the past thirty years, the number of overweight children has tripled to 15 percent. Today, one-third of the nation’s children are considered “fat,” and it’s no surprise when the only options on the kids’ restaurant menu includes chicken nuggets and French fries. While child obesity is not a new topic, it still continues to be an epidemic.

Dr. Christine Wood, practicing pediatrician, author, instructor on healthy lifestyles for parents and children, and member of USANA’s Scientific Advisory Council, offers the following tips for eating out without compromising a child’s waistline and suggests healthy, but tasty alternatives that kids will love, thus avoiding the outbreak of a tantrum at any restaurant.

• Avoid or limit eating out at typical fast-food restaurants. Find healthier choices. For example, order the roasted chicken (instead of chicken nuggets at McDonald’s) with fresh steamed vegetables.

• Share meals between family members to cut down on portion sizes for both child and parent. You will also save money this way. Add a side of vegetables or salad and take home leftovers to pack the children’s lunches for the next day.

• Watch soda intake. Negotiate with your kits to make water or milk their choice. Many restaurants offer unlimited soda, so if they choose soda, set the limit to one. Sodas should be an occasional treat.


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