Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Magic School Bus Comes to Nintendo DS for the First Time!

Did you know that The Magic School Bus series celebrates its 25th anniversary this year? It’s a testament to its high quality and entertainment value that it’s still going strong. I remember my two oldest boys, now in college, watching The Magic School Bus shows. And now my 7-year-old twins are watching the show. It’s so much fun that they don’t even realize it’s educational, too. Scientific principles are taught through the animated adventures of Miss Frizzle, a very unusual schoolteacher with a flying bus. Both the bus and her children can turn into all sorts of amazing things in order to explore the world around them.

Now Miss Frizzle and her class are up to more adventures in the new Nintendo DS game, The Magic School Bus: Oceans! In the game, players try to unlock six different levels of the ocean. Each time they do, they transform into a new marine vehicle. Through seven games and almost 200 ocean interactions, players explore areas of the ocean and its sea life. More than 100 facts and 100 sea animals await them. Players learn a lot, but they also have a great deal of fun!

My boys have really enjoyed playing The Magic School Bus: Oceans on their Nintendo DS. If your kids are fans of The Magic School Bus, video games, science or marine life, this game will definitely delight them! Fortunately, it’s rated for “E” for Everyone. It’s very easy to learn, and even the youngest players will, to quote Miss Frizzle, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” Visit to learn more.


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