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An Interview with Nicole Langan, Founder of Tribute Books

Do you have an idea for a young adult novel swirling around in your mind? Perhaps you’ve even managed to get your book written. Now comes the tough part: finding the right publisher. You might be interested in knowing that, beginning in 2012, Tribute Books will become solely an ebook publisher of young adult titles! They’re looking to work with 12 authors in 2012, publishing one per month. Do you have what Tribute Books is looking for? Following is an interview with Nicole Langan, founder of Tribute Books.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started Tribute Books.
I've spent roughly the last 12 years in the publishing world. I have a B.A. summa cum laude in English and Communications. From 1999-2004, I went from being an intern to an editorial assistant to an associate editor of a regional magazine. In 2004, I started Tribute Books. Since that time, I've worked with dozens of authors, illustrators, photographers and editors in publishing over 30 books. Some of our books have gone on to win awards such as the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year and the Mom's Choice Award while others were endorsed by PBS and The Thoreau Society. In 2012, we'll embark on a new transition becoming solely an e-publisher of young adult titles.

2. What type of publishing company is Tribute Books, and what do you have to offer your authors?
In the past, we've published a wide variety of genres from children's picture books to history to sports under both traditional and subsidy contracts. In 2012, there will be no charge for the young adult authors we select to work with, and they will receive 50% of the net profits of their ebook sales in quarterly royalty payments. What sets us apart is our one-on-one interaction with our authors. We go the extra mile in doing everything we can to promote our titles on a daily basis even years after a book's initial release.

3. You’ve decided to focus exclusively on YA eBooks. Why did you make this decision?
Our transition is based on three factors. On a business level, the young adult genre sells especially if it is well written and has a paranormal romance theme. On a marketing level, the devotion of the young adult fan base is unparalleled. On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoy a good young adult novel and review many on my blog at I'm a believer in doing what you love and working with like-minded people, when it's at all possible.

4. What types of things do you look for in a manuscript?
Our preference is for damn good writing; the particular topic is secondary in importance. However, books written with a series in mind or those that delve into the paranormal will have a slight edge. We're looking for Microsoft Word documents with a maximum of 350 pages of text with no photos, charts, illustrations, graphs, etc. Manuscripts that have already been professionally edited will receive greater consideration.

5. Besides being a good storyteller, what other qualities are you looking for in an author?
Our preference is to work with authors who have already been published through a royalty-paying press and who know the ins and outs of book promotion. An established social media platform is a must, and we will not consider writers who do not have a well-followed blog, Facebook page or Twitter account.


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  1. Susan, thank you for your generosity in hosting me for an interview. I appreciate your help in getting the word out to interested young adult authors who might want to submit a manuscript and YA fans looking for new ebooks to read in 2012.


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