Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Gift Card Shopping Is Fun and Easy at Clickit!togiftit!

It seems like it gets more difficult every year to come up with gifts for members of our extended family. Part of the reason is that all the cousins are growing up, so little toys and cartoon videos just don’t make the “cut” anymore. And with tweens and teens, it’s hard to know what’s cool unless you’re one yourself! The other problem is that much of our family lives far away. Since we don’t see them very often, we don’t know what they have, and I’m always afraid we’ll get them something they already own. So, what’s the best way to solve these problems? Digital gift cards! I recently found a fantastic place to purchase gift cards: Clickit!togiftit!

This site is SO easy and convenient to use. They have gift cards from around 50 vendors of all types: Home Depot, The Children’s Place, tons of great restaurants and pizza places, Gap, Dell, Best Buy, Banana Republic -- just to name a few! There is NO cost to ship your purchase and no purchasing fees. I love how each place gives you a fun variety of gift card designs to choose from so you can really personalize your gift for your recipient.

And be sure to click on each vendor you’re interested in before you decide because they sometimes offer a very special gift with your purchase! For instance, when you spend $40 on a gift card for The Children’s Place, you get a $10 gift card for yourself! When you spend $100 at Maggiano’s Little Italy, you get a $20 bonus card, plus a subscription to Food & Wine Magazine! Special promotions pop up all the time, so you’ll want to check the site often. You might even want to buy some gift cards for yourself so you can get the special deals!

Shopping for your loved ones shouldn’t be painful. Make it easy on yourself this year and head over to Clickit!togiftit! for digital gift cards. Your recipients will love being able to purchase what they really like, and you’ll love knowing that you got them the perfect gift! Join them on Facebook and Twitter, too! 


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