Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Give Your Little Soccer Fan the Coolest Room Ever with a 3D Soccer Light!

When my #2 son went away to college, we moved our seven-year-old twin boys into his old room. Since then, we have re-painted it and added some “younger kid” touches. One item we added to the wall was an awesome 3D Soccer Light! Here’s what it looks like on the boys’ wall:

My boys think it is so cool. It looks like a soccer ball has smashed into their wall. Of course, it’s actually a wall sticker behind it that gives it that effect. It wasn’t difficult to apply to the wall. Just do it slowly and carefully so that you get all the bubbles out and it lays flat. After putting on the sticker, we attached the light. You can either attach the plug included and plug it into the wall or run it on 3 AA batteries. (For very small children, be sure to use the batteries instead of the cord so there’s no risk of strangulation with the cord.) There’s an on/off switch so the light doesn’t burn more than it needs to, and it’s cool to the touch so little hands won’t get burned.

The 3D Soccer Light makes a great nightlight for kids who don’t like to sleep in total darkness. It also makes it easy for parents to check in on their kids when they’re sleeping. It comes in the standard black/white version and a pink/white version for girls! The following video will tell you more about the 3D Soccer Light:

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My boys love sports, so this is the perfect addition to their room. It’s decorative, but useful, too! The LED lights also make it energy-efficient. Visit to learn more about the 3D Soccer Light. If you live in Canada, you can find it at select Walmart stores. Visit them on Facebook at

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    If only they had a lit hockey puck...:)


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