Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gift Idea for the LEGO Lover: The Cult of Lego

My oldest son, now in college, has loved LEGOs since he was a little boy. He would spend hours assembling a LEGO castle or sifting through his box of LEGOs to create something he imagined. And now that he’s in his twenties, he loves to build the giant LEGO Star Wars ships (when he can afford to buy them!). So, when I learned about the brand-new book, The Cult of LEGO, by John Baichtal and Joe Meno, I knew it would be a perfect Christmas gift for him!

From the book, I learned that people who never grow out of their love for LEGOs are called Adult Fans of LEGO, or AFOLs! My son, however, hasn’t gone quite as crazy over LEGOs as some people, who spend thousands of dollars a year attending LEGO conventions and creating life-sized replicas of buildings, ships, creatures, and more. These types of fanatics are featured in The Cult of LEGO.

This coffee-table style book with plenty of photographs includes the history of LEGO, “minifigs” (those little figures that comprise the “people” in LEGO sets), models that re-create movie scenes and those that are highly original, LEGO art, LEGO-based stories, LEGO games and online programs, LEGO robotics, conventions, and much more. I love the interesting facts. For instance, did you know that the first minifig was a police officer? Or that the year 2003 marked the first year that the minifig’s yellow “skin” changed to a more realistic flesh tone? The Cult of LEGO will delight any fan of LEGOs, regardless of their age!

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  1. Legos are my favorite gift for kids of all ages. This would be cool for some of my adult friends


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