Thursday, November 03, 2011

Find Unique Fundraising Ideas at FastTrack Fundraising!

School started at the end of August, and my children have already been involved in two fundraising events -- one for the school PTA and one for Cub Scouts! Times are tough, and many organizations are doing all they can to try to raise additional funds to keep their programs going or purchase necessary supplies. I recently came across a terrific website for finding fundraising programs. It’s called FastTrack Fundraising, and they have a huge variety of unique fundraising opportunities.

For example, they have a Gourmet Lollipop Fundraiser where you can make up to 54% profit on every lollipop sold. Just sell each lollipop for fifty cents -- how easy is that?! A softball team raised more than $2,200 selling these lollipops!

I also love the Pizza Card Fundraiser program. Each discount card provides a “buy one get one free” deal that can be used 20 times at a local pizza shop! Your organization gets $7+ on every card sold, and FastTrack Fundraising guarantees that you’ll make a profit!

This is just a small sampling of the many unique fundraising ideas at FastTrack Fundraising. Categories include Fundraising Cards, Quick Sell Fundraisers, Brochure Fundraisers, Online Fundraisers, and Individual Fundraisers. You can request samples of the products, calculate your profits, print out order forms, and so much more. They make it SO easy to hold unique fundraisers for your school, sports club, scout troop, or other organization. I hope you’ll visit FastTrack Fundraising for your next fundraising event!


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