Monday, November 28, 2011

The Elves Have Arrived!

Every year, soon after Thanksgiving, Santa’s elves arrive at our house! These fun friends from the North Pole (aka Elf Magic) are an annual tradition. One morning, my boys wake up to find that the elves have arrived in their room. And every night while the boys are sleeping, the mischievous Elf Magic elves like to go on “elfcapades”! They hide in fun places during the night, and my boys have great fun every morning trying to find where they’re hidden. During the day, my kids love to play with their BEFFs (Best Elf Friends Forever) before putting them to bed in their special elf sleeping bags and sprinkling “snow” on them to give the elves their special magic.

This year, our Elf Magic elves arrived with wonderful new “elfits” (aka clothes)! Our girl elf arrived in a beautiful white dress with interchangeable colored ribbons! And our three boy elves were wearing a snow suit, a hockey uniform, and a play outfit. I was so impressed with the high quality of these new clothes for the elves. They are beautifully made, and the elves look adorable in them. I’d love to get more of the wonderful outfits available for Elf Magic elves!

I’ll be sharing more of our family’s adventures with the Elf Magic elves as we get into the next weeks leading up to Christmas! What about you? Does your family have a special tradition for the holidays? I hope you’ll consider establishing the Elf Magic tradition at your house. It’s been a wonderful and exciting adventure for our family, and we look forward to it every year!

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  1. What a GREAT tradition and I love the super creativity of this for your children!! Thank you for sharing such a sweet tradition. I might have to do this for my kids now.
    I am your newest blog follower and love your blog. I also following you on Twitter too.

    Terri of Two Pink Peas


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