Friday, November 18, 2011

Cleaning Up After Baby’s Meals Is a Breeze with a Mutsy Grow-Up!

My biggest pet peeve about highchairs through the years was how HARD they were to clean. Every nook and cranny had to be cleaned as babies and toddlers are all over the place, and they seem to be able to touch every square inch of chair during each meal. When my daughter was small, I used to find food in the strangest places!

When my sister was shopping for a highchair, I told her to find the simplest one available, not the fanciest. I didn’t want her to spend hours cleaning the darn thing after each meal like I did. So, I was very happy to present her with the Mutsy Grow-Up! This booster can be added to any grown-up chair so that your child can sit at the table with everyone else. It comes in 6 awesome shades and would make the perfect baby shower gift for the expecting couple in your life. Its sleek design lets you wipe away any leftovers in seconds, and there are no hidden holes that you have to find to dig food out of after a meal. It is lightweight, so it’s perfect to grab and take with you to dinner at a friend’s house or a restaurant. It is suitable for children up to 4 years old and comes with a 5-point harness so your child will be secure in the chair.

Check out the Mutsy Grow-Up! and all the other wonderful Mutsy products through the links below.

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