Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Children’s Book Review: The Mystical Wood, by Simon Jenner

Children love fantasy books like the Harry Potter and Magic Tree House series, and the new children’s book, The Mystical Wood, by Simon Jenner, will appeal to them, too! This book is a little different because it’s all written in rhyme. When a little boy tries to find his wayward dog, he’s cast into a mysterious forest where a wizard gives him a special sack. Inside the sack are three boxes that the boy must use wisely to find his dog and return home. Along the way, he meets a dragon, a bumblebee, and a T-Rex. They all tell him,

“Little boy, oh little boy, what business have you here?
This wood is full of monsters and other things to fear.”

But the boy is able to use the items in his sack to deter the creatures from hurting him so that he can go on his way. After his success, the wizard re-appears and offers sound advice to the boy:

“Now listen to my wise words and try not to forget,
To care for those that you love and think about your pet.
Respect all living creatures and try to lend a hand.
Bring enemies together, to talk and understand.
Stand tall when facing danger, don’t give in to your fear,
And don’t forget to visit. You are always welcome here.”

Children will look forward to discovering which creature the boy will encounter next, all while learning the lessons of caring for our animals, negotiating conflict, and facing our fears. Colorful illustrations by Pierre Fihue also draw children into the magical story and make this book appropriate for early readers. Visit to learn more about this delightful book, listen to the audio version, and order a copy for the holidays!


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