Thursday, October 06, 2011

Parenting Book Review: Raising Spiritual Children, by Patricia and Greg Mapes

I remember in my early years seeing parents with parenting books all the time. My mom and dad had them, parents of kids that I babysat had them, friends, relatives... It seemed that everybody who had a child had parenting books. I thought, “How hard is it, really?” And even as a nanny I had the same thoughts. Nothing prepared me for being a parent. I thought it would be the same as being a nanny to all the kids for whom I had cared. I loved them all, so how different could it be? VERY!

I didn’t like to let my child cry -- at all! I wanted to fix her problems right away, take care of her, shelter her, love her to pieces. I had heart strings that she tugged at every day, which I had never experienced before. And the most frightening thing I read -- and which still sticks with me today -- is that “parenting is done by age 5”! This means that everything I want her to learn -- life lessons, values and such -- should be taught by this age. So now I am the one who has collected the parenting books and magazines, and they are stacked everywhere in my house!

Raising Spiritual Children by Patricia and Greg Mapes is one that spoke to me from the moment I read the back cover. It’s a great book for parents who want their children to be the best they can be with the gifts and talents they have received from God. No matter what they go through in life, we as parents need to teach them and support them in their dreams, no matter what anybody might say to them. We need to give them wisdom and show them the way to get the most from their gifts. Our duty as parents is to guide them along the paths of life, correct them when they make mistakes, and teach them the life lessons they need to know to make them strong-minded. We need to build good relationships with them so that no matter what happens, they will always feel they can come home and talk. This book has taught me that every child is different and unique, and we need to focus on each child in a way that suits that child’s needs and wants.

I really enjoyed this book, and I think you will, too. In a world where our kids are so easily distracted and led astray, we can instill in them the values and life lessons they need to have a strong voice and the confidence to use their gifts to lead them on the right path in life.

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