Thursday, October 20, 2011

Help Girls Celebrate Their Uniqueness with Help from LittleMissMatched!

When I was a girl, I often despaired about being “different” -- I was too skinny, too brainy, too shy -- at least in my eyes! I was so busy wanting to be like other girls that I failed to celebrate the qualities that made me ME! LittleMissMatched -- famous for their mismatched socks sold in packs of three -- wants to get the message out to girls that being different ROCKS! Tomorrow, October 21, is “Rock Your Socks” Day, which was created to help children, tweens and teens stand against the pressures of conformity and rejoice in their individuality.

I hope you’ll watch the brief “SOCKumentary” below with your daughter or granddaughter, which asks the question, “What Makes You … YOU?” Talk with her about her uniqueness and how being different is much more cool than blending in with the crowd.

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