Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Reigns at Sparkle Bee!

Once my daughter started walking, she got into the habit of crawling into bed with me during the night. I would bribe her and take things from her, and she would get the message to stay in her bed, but then she would get sick or have a bad dream and I’d let her come in bed with me -- and the whole process would start again. I tried everything, and when she was coming up on the four-year mark, I had had enough! We were losing sleep, and she was getting too big to share a bed with. So I took my spare alarm clock and put it in her room, and then made the rule that she had to stay in her bed until 7 am. It worked! She has her occasional night where she will still cry to come in our bed, but I can handle once in awhile ... just not every night.

So she was super excited when she received her very own Hello Kitty Stereo Alarm Clock Radio with CD Player! She loves Hello Kitty, and it was like a “big girl reward” for all her hard work to stay in her own bed. Now not only does she have a fun alarm clock, but she can listen to her music and her lullabies before bed. The little pink clock sits on her night stand and is noticed by all her little girlfriends. She is quite proud of it!

The simple design is easy to use for both of us, and come next fall we will test out the alarm clock to see if it gets her out of bed and onto the big yellow bus at 7:30 am. YIKES! The alarm can wake to radio, CD or alarm, so we will have three options to choose from. It has all the functions you need, including a battery back-up for those power outages. It’s perfect for the little pink-loving girl in your life!

You can find the Hello Kitty Clock Radio and other adorable Hello Kitty products at Sparkle Bee by Marino Andriani. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I really like "Hello Kitty" as an option for little girls. Waaay too many other brands go with the "Barbie/Princess/Fairy" mentality that have picture perfect features, crazy legs, and not much clothing.

    Not that I'm a "No Barbie" Nazi or anything. But as a father of 3 girls...I definitely like anything that helps preserve the innocence of my daughters.


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