Friday, October 07, 2011

Encourage Your Kids to Write Thank-You Notes with Smilegram Paper -- Includes a Discount Code!

I’m a big stickler for having my children write thank-you notes. I’m always so disappointed at how few thank-you notes we receive from the birthday parties we attend. Children should be taught to appreciate the effort and expense that people put into selecting gifts for them and to thank them for their thoughtfulness! Of course, most children aren’t going to jump up and down with glee at the thought of writing notes, but one way to encourage their enthusiasm is to get them their own special stationery. I love the options available from Smilegram Paper.

My boys received the Fun Jumpin Froggies Stationery pictured above for review. It includes 12 sheets of paper, plus envelopes, and is made of high-quality recycled paper. I love that the paper has lines! My second-graders don’t have the best handwriting yet, so the lines really help them stay straight on the page and know how much to write. My boys got a big smile on their faces when they saw it and are excited to use it for thank-you notes when their birthday rolls around soon.

Check out some of the other adorable patterns of children’s stationery at Smilegram Paper:

There are many more adorable designs on their website. The next time your child gets a gift, I strongly encourage you to have him or her send a handwritten thank-you note. Think of the smile you’ll put on the recipient’s face! And, even better, think of the caring lesson that you’re teaching your child. Head over to Smilegram Paper to select some children’s stationery. Be sure to use the special discount code below!

DISCOUNT CODE: Enter SMILE20 for 20% off your entire purchase at! Offer expires 10-31-11.


Email: info [at] smilegrampaper [dot] com

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  1. really cute stuff. We are terrible about thank you notes.


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