Monday, October 31, 2011

Children’s Picture Book Round-Up! Fall 2011 Edition

It’s time for another peek at some of the great picture books that have arrived on my desk recently. With a wide variety of themes, you’re sure to find something that you and your child will enjoy reading together!

Sardoodledom: A Spelling Bee Tale
Author: Krishna Dalal
Illustrator: Jessica Warrick

Meet Chloe, Ryan, Juan, and Hannah -- four kids who are competing in the Jefferson Elementary School Spelling Bee. Chloe loves big words, like “sardoodledom.” Ryan loves rhyming words. Juan likes telling knock-knock jokes, and Hannah gets unnerved by homophones! How will these kids do in the spelling bee? Introduce a real bee, and you’ve suddenly got a disaster! Sardoodledom is not only highly entertaining, but introduces children to concepts like oxymorons, palindromes, homophones, and more!

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and Their New Skates
Author and Illustrator: Maj Lindman

Originally published more than 30 years ago, this re-issued book is part of a classic series by Swedish author and illustrator, Maj Lindman. In this story, sisters Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka wake up on Christmas morning to find new ice skates under the tree! Later that day, they go skating, and their dog Mike falls through the ice along with a little boy who’d been chasing him. Will the girls be able to save them? Yes! Later, the boy brings new dolls for the girls and a bone for Mike. This beautiful hardcover edition comes with a set of paper dolls and makes a fantastic holiday gift!

The Cave Monster
Authors: Thomas Weck and Peter Weck
Illustrator: Len DiSalvo

L. Joe Bean, a little red bear, has been captured by the Cave Monster! It’s up to his cousin Lima Bear and his friends -- a raccoon, an opossum, and a rabbit -- to save him. Bravely, they approach Black Cave at night and untie L. Joe Bean while the monster sleeps. But, suddenly, the monster awakes! Can the timid animals defeat the Cave Monster and get out safely? Kids will love reading how the brave friends work together to outwit the Cave Monster and save the little bear. Other books in this series include How Back-Back Got His Name and The Megasaurus!

The Story of Hanukkah Howie
Author: Jan Dalrymple
Illustrator: Bob Dalrymple

This delightful rhyming book tells the story of baby Howie, who suddenly starts sprouting spikes of hair on his head! Each day, a new spike appears, and his mother tries desperately to hide them since they can’t be combed out. After the ninth spike sprouts, they realize that Howie’s hair looks just like a menorah! After Hanukkah, the spikes disappear, but they re-appear every December. As Howie grows up, he becomes embarrassed by his hair during Hanukkah. But as a young man, Howie realizes the gift he’s been given, which can bring joy during the special season. This innovative story teaches children that it’s okay to be different and that we should seize opportunities to bring happiness to others.

I Believe in You
Author and Illustrator: Marianne Richmond

It’s not always easy being a kid, and this book lets children know that their parents are always supporting them. “Whether it’s sunny or stormy, whether you’re happy or blue, I’m here to say, without a doubt, that I believe in you!” Children are praised for their smart thinking, awesome skills, true courage, stand-up truth, quick laugh, true beauty, brave spirit, playful heart, and great attitude. Accompanied by colorful, sunny illustrations, this book will leave your children beaming with joy, knowing how much you love them!


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