Thursday, October 13, 2011

Affordable and Effective Marriage Counseling at Power of Two Marriage Online!

Most marriages and relationships hit some rough patches at one time or another. Many of them even become “critically ill,” which can threaten their survival. Marriage counseling can help, but insurance plans often fail to cover it, and it can be extremely expensive! A therapist I spoke with recently charges $185 for a 45-minute session! For many people, that’s just completely out of their price range. Reading books is always an option, but they’re often very generalized and don’t give advice that’s specific to your relationship.

I recently heard of a wonderful resource that addresses the very problems I mentioned above. It’s called Power of Two Marriage Online. It’s extremely affordable – just $18 a month! You definitely won’t find a therapist for that price. And there’s no contract, so you can cancel at any time and even get your money back if you’re not satisfied! You can even test-drive the program for free.

So, what do you get for your money? You might be amazed to know that you get coaching by a live person! You can email your personal coach at any time, and he or she will answer your questions confidentially. But Power of Two Marriage Online is also an effective online program for improving your marriage. It focuses on four key areas of successful relationships:

Emotional Regulation
Shared Decisionmaking
Positivity and Support

The site is loaded with interactive videos, activities, podcasts, questionnaires, and much more to help you achieve success in each of the four areas above. You can ask your coach to recommend the best activities for you, or you can pick and choose your own. And the wonderful thing about this program is that it’s designed so that you can either do it as a couple or alone. Often, one spouse may not be ready or willing to engage in activities to strengthen their relationship, but even participation by one partner can help to introduce critical skills and tools into the marriage.

I was given the opportunity to explore Power of Two Marriage Online, and I was extremely impressed! All of the activities and videos I viewed were highly entertaining. They’re NOT dry lectures. They were very interactive, and I actually had fun answering the questions and exploring different ideas for improving my marriage. I love that you can work at your own pace. You may want to move slowly through the program and build on the skills you learn, or you might prefer a faster pace. It’s totally up to you!

This program is so unique, and such a wonderful alternative (or addition) to expensive therapy or boring books. Whether you’re in a long-term partnership, engaged, married, or on the verge of divorce, this program may be just what you need to create the relationship you’ve been hoping to have. I hope you’ll visit Power of Two Marriage Online at the links below.


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DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary access to this site to facilitate this review. No other compensation of any kind was provided. All opinions are my own.


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