Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Post by Paige Agnew, Author of the New Young Adult Novel, “Seven”

NOTE FROM SUSAN: Paige Agnew, author of the young adult novel, Starless Sky, recently published a new book called Seven. In this story, seven people are part of a large, mysterious kidnapping for an unconventional social experiment. In order to win the madman’s game, they have to escape. And in order to escape, they have to push beyond ordinary to extraordinary in ways they never would have thought possible. It connects with the audience by telling the story of what human beings could potentially accomplish if we truly lived up to our own individual worth, and how we could change the world because of it. In the following article, she explains the process involved in writing Seven.

Guest Post by Paige Agnew
Author, Starless Sky and Seven

For awhile, I’d been very determined to write … and I’d been failing miserably. Time after time again, I’d pick up my pencil and go at it, and end up getting bored and stopping. When I started my first book (that I actually finished), I had a different mindset, which I’m sure I gained from begging on my hands and knees in prayer, and I finally found myself with an end product. I guess what started my writing was a really strong desire to have a story of my own. I fall in love with others’ stories again and again and again, and I really just wanted an experience like that for myself.

I honestly don’t remember why exactly I started writing Seven. I can say that for a lot of my books, actually. It’s never anything specific. The only one that actually comes from a certain event is my first book, Starless Sky. The rest are just a cornucopia of ideas that I’ve stringed along to form a cohesive plot. I had two things in mind going into Seven. I like reading different genres, and the same goes for writing. I thought I’d try mystery by having the mysterious plot of seven people being kidnapped by a madman. However, the mystery makes it hard to explain what the book’s about. There’s so much that I want the reader to find out for themselves and to trust in the meantime that there’s something good in store. The second thing I had in mind is the spiritual aspect of it. It’s not entirely noticeable at first, but its subtlety makes itself known by the end of the book. There are a few twists and turns in Seven that leave the reader trying to figure out what the end will bring. Seven promises to end with a bang.

To read this story, go to my website, You will find an excerpt of Seven; if you are intrigued to hear more, you can purchase my book there as well. The book is also available at Amazon, on Kindle and at other retailers.

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