Monday, August 01, 2011

Summer Reading for Children in Elementary School

If you’re playing catch-up now that August is here to get your children back into reading, I have some fun and educational suggestions for you!

How to Get a Job … by Me, the Boss
Sally Lloyd-Jones
Illustrated by Sue Heap

How to Get a Me, the Boss (How To Series)

This picture book joins a series of humorous books that also includes How to Be a Baby … by Me, the Big Sister and How to Get Married … by Me, the Bride. In How to Get a Job … by Me, the Boss, a little girl explains what a job is and isn’t (it is not “sitting in your chair eating cookies”!), and describes various jobs that people have. For instance, “If you are a Teacher, first you need to find some kids and make them all come to your School and Behave. (Which means not talk unless you say so.)” And, most importantly, “Teachers MUST know all the answers and how to be NOT BORING.” She even covers the job interview process. (“You shouldn’t EVER bite the Boss when he is talking to you.”) This very funny book will delight both kids and adults!

How Back-Back Got His Name
Thomas Weck and Peter Weck
Illustrated by Len DiSalvo

How Back-Back Got His Name (The Lima Bear Stories)

Plumpton, the opossum, has lost his back! His friends -- Maskamal the raccoon, Whistle-Toe the rabbit, and Lima Bear -- all set out to help Plumpton find his back when Whistle-Toe is put into a cage by some children! When Maskamal tries to rescue him, the children catch and cage him, too. Fortunately, Plumpton becomes invisible whenever he falls to his stomach because of his missing back, and he is able to crawl over to his friends and release them from their cages. The friends realize that being “different” has actually been an advantage for Plumpton. No longer do they want to get his “back back.” And Plumpton has earned a new name: Back-Back!

I See the Sun in Afghanistan
Dedie King
Illustrated by Judith Inglese

I See the Sun in Afghanistan

This lovely book is the third in a series of books by Dedie King that give a glimpse into the daily life of a child in a particular country. In I See the Sun in Afghanistan, we meet Habiba, who goes to the well each morning to fetch water for her family. She lives with her mother (Aaba), father (Aata), sister (Malali), and brother (Muhammed). She and her schoolmates sit in the grass at school. She learns that her cousins will come to live with them because they lost their home in the war. Habiba likes to listen to her uncle’s stories about his childhood. How will so many people live in one house? Despite all their troubles, Habiba realizes, “Our family is strong.” Throughout the book, each page is translated into Dari, also known as Afghan Farsi, which is read from right to left.

Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted/Grady the Gray Cat Gets a Toy Fire Truck
Lori A. Moore
Illustrated by Justin Stier

Grady the Gray Cat

This “flip book” is two books in one! Both feature Grady the Gray Cat. In Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted, a couple finds Grady in a cage in a store and takes him home. There, he meets the other cats in the family. He loves to play with his new toys, nap, and even watch TV! Grady is thrilled to be loved by his new family. In Grady the Gray Cat Gets a Toy Fire Truck, he loves to play with a toy fire truck and pretend he is a real firefighter. Join Grady in this delightful rhyming 2-in-one book by Lori A. Moore.

Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps
Maureen Stearns, B.A., M.S.

Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps®

Is your child struggling to learn multiplication? Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps was written by an Exceptional Student Educator who developed the Sticks and Steps method after realizing that memorization wasn’t successful for all kids. Instead, children learn multiplication through “the ability to touch and count.” This simple method can boost your child’s self-confidence and enable her to master her “times tables” in no time!

Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution Series
M. Zachary Sherman and Caio Majado

Drop In; volume One (Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution)

It can be especially challenging to get boys to read, but a new series inspired by skateboarding star, Tony Hawk, just might do the trick! Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution, an action-adventure, sci-fi series for kids, premiers this month with four titles, leading up to a total of 24 books. In the series, when Tony Hawk achieves the Holy Grail of skateboarding -- the 900 trick, a 2.5-revolution (900 degrees) aerial spin -- a mysterious force shatters his board and scatters the pieces around the world. A group of teens sets off on a quest to bring the board (and its power) back together again. Each of these chapter books also features a 16-page graphic novel section! And kids can play an interactive game at while reading these exciting books.

Nice Shot, Cupid!
Kate McMullan

Nice Shot, Cupid! (Myth-O-Mania)

Mythology has always been fascinating to kids, and the Myth-O-Mania chapter book series by Kate McMullan is certain to thrill them. The interesting twist to this series is that these humorous parodies are written from the viewpoint of Hades, King of the Underworld! In Nice Shot, Cupid! (#4 in the series), Hades tells us that Cupid was no hunk when he first met Psyche. In fact, he was “an awkward, pimple-faced, greasy-haired teen-god with braces on this teeth”! So, what is the “real story” (well, according to Hades) about how Cupid and Psyche got together? This hilarious book gives one side of the story… Kids will love all of the books in the Myth-O-Mania series.

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