Monday, August 22, 2011

Sprout Launches Its Kindness Counts Campaign!

As you know, bullying is no laughing matter. It can have serious consequences for the child who’s being bullied and form lifelong emotional scars. Therefore, it’s important to start teaching kids to be kind to others as early as possible. The preschool channel Sprout agrees, which is why they’ve launched their “Kindness Counts” initiative to support the development of empathy in preschoolers by promoting small acts of kindness that matter big. This long-term campaign will include public service announcements, digital and social media components, programming tie-ins and local extensions aimed at parents and caregivers of preschoolers. Their ultimate goal is to log 1 million acts of kindness reported to Sprout from families all across the country!

Check out this adorable video introducing this important initiative:

Sprout Kindness Counts

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In a nationwide survey of 1,000 parents, 67% of parents with children aged 3-7 were worried that their children would be bullied at some point. A survey by Sprout found that 83% of parents were concerned that their preschoolers would be bullied or might bully others. Simple acts like encouraging children to share a box of crayons or help clean up a spill can spur them to build empathy and think about other people’s feelings. As parents, we can start now by encouraging our kids in these small acts of kindness.

I hope you and your child will add your kind act to the count at Sprout’s “Kindness Counts” website. Help them reach 1 million acts of kindness -- and defeat bullying!

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post, but I am in full support of this initiative.


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