Monday, August 08, 2011

Is Dinner a Nightmare at Your House? Check Out This Ragu “When Dinner Gets Tough” Video and Facebook Chat!

Dinnertime tends to be chaos at our house. One of my twins is a super-picky eater and often isn’t pleased with what we’re serving. Both of the boys would rather watch TV or play than sit at the dinner table. They never seem to be hungry at dinner, but suddenly they’re “starving” afterward! I have yet to figure out how to make dinnertime the calm and pleasant experience it was intended to be.

Ragu wants to open up the conversation about dinnertime! They’ve formed a “Mom’s the Word on Dinner” community on Facebook, and they’d love for you to join them. Check out their brand-new video featuring moms like us who are frustrated with dinnertime:

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Ragu is also kicking off their new “When Dinner Gets Tough” campaign with a live chat! Join them tonight (Monday, August 8) at at 8PM ET. Audrey McClelland of Momversation will be your host as you laugh (and vent a little) about the everyday chaos in your kitchen and at your dining table! This is a great opportunity to share your stories and get some answers to your questions from other moms.

In the next few weeks, I’ll also be hosting a terrific giveaway from Ragu on this blog. Stay tuned!

DISCLOSURE: I’ll be receiving a product sample and gift card as a thank you for sharing this information.


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