Friday, August 05, 2011

Books That Every Parent Should Read

Some terrific parenting books have recently crossed my desk. I hope you’ll check them out! All contain essential information for parenting success.

More Than Saying I Love You: 4 Powerful Steps That Help Children Love Themselves
Andrea Goodman Weiner, Ed.D. (“Dr. Andie”)

More Than Saying I Love You: 4 Powerful Steps That Help Children Love Themselves

According to the author, it’s not enough to say “I love you” to your child in order for him or her to grow up feeling loved. Teaching self-love is actually a series of four steps depending on a child’s age. They include: creating internal appreciation (birth to 5 years); instilling empathetic acceptance (ages 5-11); embracing truth or consequences (ages 11-17); and, living loving kindness (ages 18 and older). Dr. Andie’s personal experiences and practical suggestions make this a “must-read” for every parent.

101 Offline Activities You Can Do with Your Child
Steve and Ruth Bennett

101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child

If your kids are like most, they get a large amount of entertainment from electronic devices, such as video game consoles, the television, MP3 players, and the computer. While these are valuable tools, sometimes it’s better to connect with family and friends offline. In this book, the Bennetts explain why this is so important, and they provide suggestions for fun and easy-to-do activities such as Adventure Treks, Pin the Food on the Plate, Sensational Salon, and Museum Scavenger Hunt. Simple directions and cute illustrations make this a fun book for the whole family.

Dr. Riley’s Box of Tricks: 80 Uncommon Solutions for Everyday Parenting Problems
Douglas A. Riley, EdD

Dr. Riley's Box of Tricks: 80 Uncommon Solutions for Everyday Parenting Problems

Do your kids present you with the same problems over and over again? Do they ignore you, fail to clean their room, bother their siblings, throw tantrums, complain, interrupt and more? Most kids are going to test your limits. And chances are that the same old time-out methods and yelling aren’t doing much to change the situation. In this book, Dr. Riley suggests new ways of handling common problems that you might not have tried. Many of these are actually fun ideas, with names like “The 7-Eleven Solution” and “The Five-Foot Rule for Stealers.” If you’ve run out of options for your child’s problem behavior, pick up a copy of Dr. Riley’s Box of Tricks for a new approach!

Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma
Jim Randel

Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma

Parenting doesn’t stop when your child graduates from high school or college. Often, young adults get out of school without ever developing “street smarts” -- life lessons and information that successful people need to understand. These lessons fall under categories like communication skills, career advancement and networking, time management and productivity, financial literacy, investing, personal development, and more. Fortunately, it’s never too late to acquire these skills. Parents should hand a copy of Street Smarts to their high school or college students. Or they can read it themselves and teach these principles to their kids as they go through life. This is the stuff they rarely teach in school but is essential for your child’s successful future!

DISCLOSURE: Copies of these books were provided for review. No financial compensation was received. The Amazon links in this post are linked to my affiliate account.


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