Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Book Review: The Full Moon Bride, by Shobhan Bantwal

I was thrilled when I was contacted recently to review the newest novel by Shobhan Bantwal. Born and raised in a large, conservative Hindu family in a small town in Southwestern India, she moved to New Jersey when her family arranged her marriage to a man who happened to live in the U.S. She earned a second master’s degree, gave birth to a daughter, got a job with a government agency and, best of all, started writing! The result is five novels (with more to come), all centered around themes of Indian culture. I had read and loved Bantwal’s book, The Unexpected Son, and couldn’t wait to read another one!

In the newest book, The Full Moon Bride, we meet Soorya Giri, a young Indian-American attorney who lives with her parents and grandmother. Soorya hasn’t had much luck finding Mr. Right the American way, so she finally agrees to her parents’ attempts to match her up Indian-style -- that is, through an arranged marriage! Many of their attempts end in disaster until Soorya meets Raj, also known as Roger. But Roger makes no apologies for his hopes of marrying a girl with a dowry so she can fund his risky filmmaking project. With such an unpromising start, why does Soorya still find herself drawn to Roger? And why are her parents so enthusiastic about him? Meanwhile, Soorya meets another man from a different culture who attempts to win her heart. Which man will she choose?

I couldn’t stop reading The Full Moon Bride. Even though I had a pretty good guess about which man Soorya would end up with, there were plenty of plot twists to keep me reading. I loved Soorya’s spunkiness, and her struggle to reconcile the modern, professional side of her personality with the traditional, good-girl side. Despite her successful career, Soorya had a lot of insecurities, which made her a very realistic character. Her family members and suitors also had their flaws, and it was very interesting to watch the dynamics between all of them. I highly recommend The Full Moon Bride. I have another book by Shobhan Bantwal downloaded on my Nook that I’ll be reading next!

For more information about Shobhan Bantwal and The Full Moon Bride, visit her website at www.shobhanbantwal.com. You can order your own copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Check out The Full Moon Bride on Facebook, too!

DISCLOSURE: An electronic copy of this book was provided for this review. No financial compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine, as are the Amazon affiliate links.

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  1. Susan,

    Thanks so much for the great review of The Full Moon Bride, and for hosting me on your popular blog.

    Shobhan Bantwal
    author of The Full Moon Bride


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