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Planning a Move? HGTV Designer Lisa Laporta Offers Tips on How to Avoid a Moving Nightmare

Are you one of the nearly 40 million Americans who are expected to move this year? In the following article, HGTV’s Lisa Laporta offers moving tips to help make the process as stress-free as possible!

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead
Given that the average person planning a move has a “to do” list of over 60 items, it’s no wonder that some things may fall through the cracks. We get so consumed with packing boxes and getting out the door of our current home, we often forget to take care of some simple things that can really help to smooth the move and make a new house feel like a home.

• My #1 tip for a smooth move is to plan ahead -- especially for the key services you will need the moment you open the door to your new home. Think of how much easier things will be if you have your phone, internet and cable television up and running as soon as possible upon your arrival. You can actually use these services to facilitate everything else you do -- call for take out, order new shower curtains and entertain the kids while you unpack boxes.

• There’s a great one-stop-shop I think is very helpful to streamline this process -- You simply enter the information for your new home and get to set up an appointment to transition all of these services on a date and time that’s convenient to you. And it doesn’t matter if your move is across town, or across the country.

Tip # 2 – Why Move the Mess
Once you check off the “plan ahead” items off your list, it’s back to business with the boxes! I encourage everyone to look around before they start packing their boxes. Especially when you see some unsightly cords or electronics -- ask yourself -- why move the mess?

Clean up -- Take advantage of moving to clean up that web of tangled and dusty cords. You probably won’t have fun while you’re doing it, but you’ll be really thankful when you unpack.
Label your cables and equipment inputs -- Use a labeler with color coated labels to identify what cable goes into the correct input on all of your audio, video and computer equipment before you unplug everything for packing. This strategy will remove the guesswork when reconnecting.
Bundle -- Get bread ties or trash bag plastic pull ties to wrap and bundle the cords individually.
Packing -- Pack all of your cables and remotes in the same box -- This will make it much easier to find everything you need to reconnect and program your equipment upon arrival.
Do your best to hide your cords in your new home. Once you begin to set up your new home, consider using plastic tubing channels, which are an economical and great way to organize and clean up that cobweb of cords.
Consolidate your remote controls -- as a designer, I prefer seeing just one remote control sitting on the coffee table ... and not multiples -- which are confusing and always look messy. One remote -- a universal remote -- can control all of your equipment. It’s a great way to be ahead of the game in clutter control. And clutter can destroy a good room design.

Tip # 3 -- Update & Upgrade
• Because technology has become woven into so many different facets of lives, there’s a lot to think about when from both a design and technology standpoint when setting up your new home. In fact, designers have coined a term for this phenomenon -- we call it “techorating.”

• The first thing you need to think about are the electronics you already have and what you will do with them in your new home. Moving is a great time to “update and upgrade.” For instance, you may not want to go through the hassle of moving that heavy, space and energy hog big box TV you’ve had for 15 years. You can either donate it if it is in good working order or recycle it -- some home electronics stores will actually recycle your big old clunky junk. You can then purchase a space saving and design friendly slim new Energy Star rated TV -- which can actually put as much as $58 per year back in your wallet while also cutting your carbon footprint!

Moving is downright stressful -- but with these tips and a jumpstart from, you are well on your way to a stress-free move!

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