Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Have Fun Outdoors This Summer with the Z-Curve Bow and Zing-Shot Launcher from ZING Toys!

My boys are always looking for something fun to do outdoors, and they love their new Z-Curve Bow and Zing-Shot Launcher from ZING Toys! They’ve been having so much fun with these toys in the yard.

The Z-Curve Bow lets kids practice their archery skills or pretend they’re Robin Hood! You just hook the foam arrows in the easy loop system, then aim and fire! My boys have been playing target practice with their bow and arrows. As you can see, though, they still need some work on their aim!

The Zing-Shot Launcher is also a lot of fun. The Red-X ammo soft-foam balls can fly up to 45 feet! I love the easy Quik-Zip load system that ensures the balls go in the right way and are ready for launch! With a little practice, my boys have been able to send the balls flying across the lawn!

The Z-Curve Bow and Zing-Shot Launcher from ZING Toys are safe, fun, and inexpensive. The bow sells for $19.99 and the launcher is only $9.99 at stores like Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Fred Meyer, Target, and Toys “R” Us. These toys are great summer fun for kids -- and adults, too!

DISCLOSURE: Product samples were provided for this review. No financial compensation was received.


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