Friday, July 08, 2011

Alphabeasts: Cuddly Toys That Help Kids to Learn Their Letters

When my boys were first learning their letters in preschool, they were introduced to a series of characters associated with each letter. For example, Miss A liked to eat apples and had a pet alligator. And Mr. U carried an umbrella and played the ukulele. Creating associations like this is a great way to help children remember their letters and the sounds they make. This is the same concept behind Alphabeasts! They’re colorful plush toys in the shape of happy (not scary) beasts with a capital letter on their belly and the same lowercase letter on their back. Not only do kids love to play and cuddle with them, but parents and teachers can use them to teach the alphabet.

Each Alphabeast comes with a name that starts with his or her letter, as well as a “bio” that describes what he or she likes to do. However, I think it’s even more fun and educational if you help your child come up with his own Alphabeast name and personality! For example, you might take the “J” Alphabeast and ask your child, “What shall we name him? Let’s find a good name that starts with J.” So you can explore different names, such as Joshua, Joey, Jumpy, Jazzy, Jason, etc. Then you can talk about what the Alphabeast likes to do. You might ask: “What kind of J activities does Jumpy like?” You can say that he likes to jump rope, play jazz music, juggle balls, and eat Jell-O! When kids get a little older, you can arrange various Alphabeasts to form words, like they do on the following video:

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My boys are now seven and reading on their own, but they still love to cuddle and play with Alphabeasts (see below)! They each have one that begins with the first letter of their name, plus an extra one to play with! I love the beautiful quality of these plush toys. I’m confident that they’ll last through many years of cuddling and fun!

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  1. These are so cute! What a great way to learn.


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