Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Pampers Miracle Missions Program: Baby Showers for 1,000 Expectant Moms and a Fantastic Gift Card Giveaway Coming Here for Blog Bash 2011

Previously, I shared with you about Pampers’ year-long Miracle Missions campaign. This wonderful pay-it-forward program encourages acts of kindness toward families with little miracles, better known as babies! Pampers asked people to make their first Miracle Missions pledge around Mother’s Day. Happily, so many people pledged that Pampers is now working with the Points of Light Institute to give 1,000 baby showers to moms across the United States! Please watch this inspirational video about one of the baby showers, which was held in my home state of Florida!

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Wasn’t that wonderful? That expectant mother was so surprised about her baby shower and the beautiful items she received for the baby girl that will soon arrive! Here are some photos from other exciting baby showers sponsored through the Pampers Miracle Missions campaign.

And now, in honor of Father’s Day, Pampers has posted Mission #2 on their Facebook page! They need 4,000 people to commit to finding a way for fathers to bond with their babies, and they will throw special Father’s Day cook-outs across the country designed to give dads and their babies valuable bonding time! And every person who commits to this mission is automatically entered into the Miracle Missions sweepstakes for a chance to win free diapers and wipes for a year! Please visit and make your pledge for Mission #2! (Click on the Miracle Missions tab.)

And I have even more incredible news from Pampers! On this blog, during Blog Bash 2011, Pampers will be giving away a $300 American Express gift card to one of my readers! Yes, that’s $300 for one lucky person! Pampers is hoping you’ll use the money to pay it forward by hosting a baby shower for someone who’s expecting a little miracle baby! So, start thinking now about your ideas for putting together a very memorable baby shower because I’m going to ask you about this again when the contest is posted on June 22! So, remember:

Dates: June 22-26, 2011
Prize on Susan Heim on Parenting:
$300 American Express gift card from Pampers!

I just want to say a huge thank-you to Pampers for sponsoring the Miracle Missions program. Through this endeavor, a lot of families will be better prepared to welcome little miracles into their family and make sure those babies have the love and nurturing -- and diapers! -- they need! I hope you’ll continue to follow this program throughout the year at, and be sure to join me here for Blog Bash on June 22.


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