Monday, June 06, 2011

Finding Online Discounts and Coupons

Guest Post by Monique Rowe

As we search the internet to find free offers and discounts, we are always worried about what happens after we sign up for one of these deals. Will we get spam email all the time, is the transaction secure, and will the offer even work? That is why I have always tried to compile these offers on my site. So, for those who might be still a little leery, let’s talk about the next best thing: discounts and coupons. Now, once we start talking about coupons, everyone always looks at grocery store coupons. But I am here to tell you that tons of coupons exist for shopping online. You know how when you go to the online shopping cart, there is a tab for coupon codes? Do you pass it up or try to find the code? Well, I always check first, or I start at a site like, where I get the code before I make a purchase. That way, I know that I will get the savings upfront. Think about it: How many times are we online when we are looking for gifts? That is usually where I start when I want to send a gift basket or flowers. Grab 1800Flowers Coupons or ProFlowers Coupons and save on your gift purchase. Father’s Day is coming up, so make sure to click on their homepage link to help you find the best buys and savings for dad.

Now, here is something that is basically free on their site. Free money on gift cards! Here is what I am talking about. You can buy gift cards for less than face value. Remember those 1800Flowers Coupons? You can actually purchase a gift card from them with a $50 balance for $40. How great is that? Now you can preorder that card, have it shipped to you for free, and then order online with a coupon when you need a gift and save money. Now, that is such a great deal and, really, it is like free money. Plus, if you have old cards for places that you don’t shop, you can sell gift cards back to them from the website. Check it out, let me know, and here is to free stuff!!!

Monique Rowe is a guest writer for My and also blogs about product reviews and saving money on her One Income Dollar web site.

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post.

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  1. The site which was mentioned is really free to shop online.I have faced many problems while shopping online.Thanks for sharing.


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