Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Complete Homebrew Beer Book, by George Hummel

My husband started a new hobby this year: homebrewing! It started with me getting him an inexpensive homebrewing kit for Christmas and morphed into quite an enterprise! He discovered a local shop that sells homebrewing supplies, he’s joined an online forum for homebrewers, and he reads anything he can find about homebrewing. One book that he highly recommends is The Complete Homebrew Beer Book, by George Hummel. It contains 200 easy recipes for making ales, lagers, extreme beers, international beers, and much more. And it starts from the beginning, so even someone who has never made beer before will be able to get started with this book.

Did you know that beers are essentially made with just four ingredients? They are water, malt, hops, and yeast. But each beer is different depending on adjustments you make during the process of brewing, as well as other ingredients you might add. When my husband sets up his homebrewing equipment, it looks like a chemistry lab! And, each time, the beer comes out differently. He fiddles with his recipes and changes a little bit of the process each time until he comes up with something that he’s satisfied with.

In The Complete Homebrew Beer Book, Hummel tells you what equipment you need and the exact steps to follow on “Brew Day”! The rest of the book is devoted to recipes. There’s just about everything here for the homebrewer. One part focuses on beers from various parts of the world, such as North America, the British Isles, Belgium and Northern France, and Germany and the Czech Republic. Another section focuses on “Weird and Extreme Beers,” such as those brewed with fruits and vegetables. Both the novice and professional homebrewer will find years’ worth of techniques and recipes in The Complete Homebrew Beer Book!

If your hubby or another dad in your life is a beer lover, why not get him started on a new hobby for Father’s Day? I recommend that you pick up a copy of The Complete Homebrew Beer Book, by George Hummel. He’ll love it!

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  1. I just bought this book for myself. Thanks for the review. I'm hoping girls can be brewmasters too. I will give it try!


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