Friday, June 17, 2011

Children’s Book Review: Sunrise over Fire Rock Field, by John M. Dolbey and Mae L. Dolbey

When John Dolbey’s daughter developed an early fascination with dinosaurs, it grew into a shared passion! In fact, John and Mae became so engrossed in dinosaur lore that they came up with their own dinosaur story, which resulted in the book, Sunrise over Fire Rock Field. A children’s chapter book, this is the story of Iggy, a young iguanodon, who has just qualified to be a new protector for his herd. These plant-eaters must be sheltered from the dangerous meat-eaters, especially the Evil T-Rex! But Iggy wants to do more for his family and friends besides keeping away predators. He wants them to be able to move to more desirable land where they can enjoy more varieties of plants and be around other dinosaurs like them. There’s just one problem: The better land is situated much too close to the stomping grounds of the meat-eaters. But young Iggy has a plan about how they can all work together to achieve their goal. Will the elders listen to this young leader?

Of course, young dinosaur enthusiasts will love this book because of its subject matter, but Sunrise over Fire Rock Field has even more to offer young readers than just a great lesson in dinosaur life. It also inspires kids to stand up for what they believe in and not to be afraid to pursue their dreams. And it shows how great things can be accomplished when people (and dinosaurs!) work together. No problem is insurmountable when teamwork and cooperation are employed. I read this book with my 7-year-old twins, and it inspired a lot of discussion about these themes and more. Plus, they loved the story and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next!

I also love the idea that a young girl and her father created this book together. Each chapter is illustrated by Mae’s dinosaur drawings! And young Iggy has a wonderful relationship with his father in the book. I’m hoping this will encourage families to spend time together creating stories, drawing pictures, and using their imagination. The result could be a fantastic book like Sunrise over Fire Rock Field!

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