Friday, May 20, 2011

Who Was the World’s Greatest TV Dad? Cast Your Vote at Man of the House!

It’s easy to find poor role models on television today, but what about good role models? Now that Father’s Day is almost here, is asking people: “Who are the greatest TV dads?” To answer that question, you should first ask yourself what traits make someone a great dad. I was blessed with a father who had a lot of patience, did his fair share of cooking and cleaning, and loved to take care of his “three girls” (my mom, my sister, and I). He always said he didn’t mind being the only male in a household of women, and he took all of our hormonal ups and downs in stride. My own spouse shares some things in common with my dad, but is also different in many ways. First, unlike my father, he lives in a household of guys (4 sons), so his experience is a lot different from my dad’s. He’s more interested in sports and building things than my dad, but he’s also great about cooking and doing household jobs, just like my dad. Both are good dads in their own way.

I don’t know if I can say that a TV dad really inspired my own father or my husband to be good parents, although I’m sure there were certain TV dads who showed them what they DIDN’T want to be. Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, and Homer Simpson come to mind! And while I was browsing through the TV dads on, I had a great time looking back on some of my favorite TV dads from the past: Howard Cunningham, Charles Ingalls, Tim Taylor, Jason Seaver, Steven Keaton, Cliff Huxtable, Tony Micelli… All were great dads!

So, what do you think? Were your husband or father inspired by any dads on TV? Who makes your list of the greatest TV dads? Go to and cast your votes! Who will you pick? Did you admire single father Tony Micelli? Were you impressed by Cliff Huxtable’s wisdom? How about Tim Taylor’s fun-loving parenting style? After going to the site, can you think of any great TV dads they forgot to mention?

Through June 16, you can select your favorite TV dads from seeded pairings at Each Monday, they will post the next round of match-ups for you to vote again. On Friday, June 17th, they’ll announce the “World’s Great TV Dad”! Can you pick the winner?

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