Friday, May 13, 2011

Motivate Your Kids and Get More Organized with the Online Tools at GoalForIt!

I recently learned about a wonderful site that helps you and your family get organized, and it doesn’t cost a thing. It’s called GoalForIt! These are some of the great tools they have on the site:

Goal Setting with Goal Tracker: a simple, but powerful goal-setting solution that can help you set priorities and develop a master plan for personal success

Daily Goals & Habit Chart: a simple way to create the effective daily routines and positive habits that bring greater success into everyday life

To Do List: easily create and keep track of all types of lists, daily tasks and routines so you can get organized and get things done

Chore Chart for Kids:
fun and easy to use, kids will be excited to do their chores on time, every time

Chore Chart for Tweens & Teens: allows parents to easily set expectations in a way that gives older children the sense of independence that they’ll welcome ... not resist

Behavior Charts for Kids: help children learn essential behavior skills and positive daily routines in a fun and visually engaging way that kids love

Behavior Charts for Tweens & Teens: help tweens and teens understand the consequences of their choices and actions, build essential behavior skills and develop a positive sense of self-determination

My favorite feature of this site is that there’s a video for each type of list or chart that shows you exactly how to use the tool. This makes it SO easy to use. For example, I created a To Do List for myself. You can check off items as you complete them, drag and drop items to re-order them, easily edit/delete/add items, schedule email reminders, and print the list. There are even privacy settings so you can choose for your list to be visible to yourself only, your friends on or everyone. You can create multiple lists and even archive those that you want to use again and again, such as a grocery list with items that you buy all the time. This is an awesome tool!

My other favorite tool is the Chore Chart for Kids (shown above). Each chart is customizable with fun themes that kids will love. There are 50 chores, goals and habits to choose from, or you can customize your own. You can manage the chart online or print it out. Online “progress stickers” are used to mark the completion of a task, and there’s even an optional “Moola” point system where you can assign points to various tasks so kids can earn rewards. Parents can print out reward certificates to give their children. What a great idea!

Kids are so electronically oriented these days. Using is a great way to motivate them to improve their behavior and do their household chores. And it’s a brilliant, easy-to-use system for helping YOU to get more organized, too! And all these features don’t cost a thing. I hope you’ll check out!

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post, but these are my honest opinions about this resource.


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