Monday, May 09, 2011

A Chat with Leeza Gibbons

This past week, I had the privilege of attending a conference call with Leeza Gibbons! Over the years, Leeza has starred as the host of Entertainment Tonight, had a radio show, raised her children, advocated for Alzheimer’s and caregivers, launched a makeup line, and much, much more. In our chat, Leeza told us all about her latest projects:

Her marriage: On April 20, 2011, Leeza married Steve Fenton in a small family ceremony. Her two oldest children even became ordained so they could conduct the ceremony! Steve read vows to Leeza’s three children to celebrate the fact that he was marrying the whole family, not just Leeza.

Her new book: After caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, Leeza wrote Take Your Oxygen First to stress that caregivers need to take care of themselves first in order to effectively care for others. At her organization, Leeza’s Place, they provide support for caregivers, primarily women who are caring for their parents. Unfortunately, looking after ourselves is often counterintuitive for women, so they need to be taught that this is important and not feel guilty about it so they don’t become victims of “compassion fatigue.” This can deplete the immune system and disrupt our spiritual balance. Sometimes, the caregivers can become sicker than the patients!

Her makeup line: Leeza’s Sheer Cover beauty line, sold through the Home Shopping Network, features mineral makeup developed by a dermatologist for problem skin, and is sold to women all over the world. She’ll also be starring in HSN’s Hollywood Beauty Hour, starting in June, where they’ll feature products and tips that work for celebrities. Other products she’s touting are Sexy Legs, which covers the broken capillaries, spider veins and sunspots on your legs, and Perfect Style, an affordable line of hair extensions featuring 18 shades to blend in with your own hair color.

Dancing with the Stars: When she first thought about competing in this program, Leeza felt physically sick! But her daughter talked her into getting out of her comfort zone. From this experience, she learned that she is enough. We should take the path with obstacles. It’s all about effort. We should all move forward in the direction of our dreams despite the negativity that is often thrown at us.

Motherhood: Leeza’s two oldest children are now adults, but she still has a 13-year-old son at home. So, with her recent marriage, they are navigating the waters of a blended family. Balance is always an issue when you have children and a busy career. Leeza believes in the “F words” -- flexibility and forgiveness! She has learned that it’s okay to fail sometimes and to forgive yourself when you come up short. As mothers, we often make ourselves responsible for our kids’ choices, but we have to empower them to “own” their own decisions.

Her talent: As a child, she didn’t excel in anything in particular -- music, sports, etc. But her mother helped her to recognize that storytelling was her special talent. This led to her career in broadcasting and writing.

It was such a great experience to be able to catch up with Leeza Gibbons. Stay tuned because I’ll be doing reviews of her new book, Take Your Oxygen First, and her makeup line, Sheer Cover!

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P.S. Enjoy the beautiful pictures in this post from Leeza’s recent wedding!


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