Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Review: The Pink Locker Society: The Forever Crush, by Debra Moffitt

Last year, I introduced a wonderful book series for middle-grade girls called The Pink Locker Society. These books by Debra Moffitt follow middle-schoolers Jemma, Kate, Piper and Bet, who are members of The Pink Locker Society (PLS), a secret group that gives advice to other girls about the “PBBs” -- periods, bras, and boys! In the first two books, The Pink Locker Society: Only Girls Allowed and The Pink Locker Society: Best Kept Secret, the girls of the PLS face several attempts to shut them down, all while dealing with crushes, friendships, schoolwork and more.

Now the third book in this terrific series has been released! The Pink Locker Society: The Forever Crush continues where the first two books left off. Someone is sending threatening messages to the PLS and hiding inflammatory bookmarks in the school’s library books. Meanwhile, Jemma’s “forever crush,” Forrest, has just asked her to be his girlfriend. The only problem is that he just wants her to pretend they’re going out! Is being a “pretend girlfriend” better than not being a girlfriend at all? And with all that going on, Jemma’s parents reveal a shocking surprise!

I’ve been having a great time reading about the adventures of the girls in the Pink Locker Society, and I’m looking forward to the final book in the series, The Pink Locker Society: Girls in Charge, which makes its debut in September 2011. If you’ve got a daughter, granddaughter or niece in upper elementary or middle school, you’ll want to introduce her to the members of the Pink Locker Society!

Visit for fun crafts, polls, activities, and even a Q&A section where girls can ask their own top-secret questions about the PBBs.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate my candid review. No financial compensation was provided. The Amazon affiliate links in this post are mine.


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