Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Nominate a Deserving Non-Profit Organization for Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Brew-lanthropy Project!

Seattle’s Best Coffee recently announced the Brew-lanthropy Project! They’re bringing great coffee where it’s needed most by rewarding non-profit organizations with a coffee makeover and a $5,000 donation. They gave the first award to Blackstone Bicycle Works, a community organization on the South side of Chicago, for their dedication to teaching neighborhood kids life lessons through bike mechanics and healthy living. Watch this very moving video about this project:

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Is there an organization in your community that is committed to giving back? Wouldn’t it feel good to reward them for their dedication to doing good? Become a Brew-lanthropist and tell Seattle’s Best Coffee where to go next!

To learn more about the Brew-lanthropy Project and to nominate a local charity to win the next coffee makeover, visit the Seattle’s Best Coffee Facebook page.


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