Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help Children Sleep Better with the Nightmare Nibbler!

One of the biggest problems that parents with young children deal with is sleep issues. A major cause of sleeplessness for children past the baby age is nightmares and/or fear of things that go bump in the night. So, finding ways to calm your children’s fears and make them feel safe in their room is a “must” for most parents.

One mom-invented product that just might do the trick is the Nightmare Nibbler! This award-winning product is a cuddly plush “monster” who likes to gobble up scary things in the night! Isn’t he adorable?

His name is Norbert, and he will be joined in the future by other Nightmare Nibbler friends! My boys love Norbert and compete for the honor of sleeping with him. They really do seem to feel more secure knowing that Norbert is on guard duty! If your child complains of nightmares or monsters in his room, I hope you’ll check out the Nightmare Nibbler through the links below.


DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary sample of this product to facilitate my candid review. No financial compensation was provided.

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