Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cool Animal Facts from the Kratt Brothers to Help Young “Creature Adventurers” Celebrate Earth Day!

Amazing animals are all around us -- whether we live in the suburbs, the city or the country. The Kratt brothers’ love of animals stems from their experience with creatures right in their backyard when they were kids. Here are facts about just some of the fascinating creatures you may encounter in your backyard!

  • Gray squirrel -- Found in several regions of the U.S., just one of these bushy-tailed creatures can bury and hide thousands of acorns in a single season.
  • Pigeon -- Pigeons feed their babies, or “squabs,” a milk-like substance.
  • Earthworm -- These wiggly creatures don’t have lungs, instead they use their skin to breathe.
  • Peregrine falcon -- This formidable hunter flies at speeds of up to 240 mph to catch its prey midflight.
  • Raccoon -- Raccoons are famous for “washing” their food -- but they really feel for food in the water with their very sensitive hands! Plus raccoons just like to handle their food before they eat it.

And don’t forget to tune in to TWO NEW EPISODES OF WILD KRATTS for LOTS more intriguing information about animals -- just in time for Earth Day!

Join the Wild Kratts team for Wild Kratts: Falcon City to meet the world’s fastest animal -- the Peregrine Falcon -- and Wild Kratts: The Blue and the Gray to encounter Blue Jays, Gray Squirrels, Bobcats and Goshawks! These exciting new episodes starring zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt premiere this month as part of PBS KIDS’ special family-friendly Earth Day programming (check local listings).

Wild Kratts is the newest series from the Kratt brothers, creators of the Emmy Award-winning Zoboomafoo and Kratts Creatures. The series transforms the creature adventurers into animated versions of themselves for the very first time so they can bring school-age viewers along as they capture rare, fascinating and never-before-seen wildlife moments. Featuring a dynamic combination of live-action and animation, the series showcases the science behind the amazing natural abilities of animals.


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