Monday, April 04, 2011

Book Review: Your Baby in Pictures, by Me Ra Koh

When my daughter, Sadie, came home from the hospital, my camera was always just a fingertip away. I wanted to capture every waking, sleeping, crying, happy, bath-time moment of her life. I had a basic digital camera and would load it up every day, only to be disappointed when I took the pictures in to be printed. Red eyes, blurriness, bad lighting, and half-head shots were only a few of my problems. I ended up throwing so many pictures away or deleting half the memory card, only to take more pictures and get a handful of nice ones. Mind you, I still had enough “good” ones to make me smile and pass out to family, but I could never really take that awesome photo or that blow-up-huge-and-hang-on-your-wall photo.

Your Baby in Pictures: The New Parents' Guide to Photographing Your Baby's First Year by Me Ra Koh is a book filled to the brim with awesome tips, lessons, ideas, and step-by-step guides to making the most out of your baby in pictures you take. It teaches you what works and what doesn’t, how to get an amazing shot, age-divided chapters to tell you what works for the age of your baby, and how to make a bad photo shoot into a good one. It will help make your baby’s first-year memories into wonderful keepsakes for yourself and your family. Right up until your son’s or daughter’s first birthday, this book will help you make any moment, special occasion or “firsts” even more special for you as you look back over the years and think, “WOW! I remember that day!” and be so thankful you captured the moment.

Your Baby in Pictures would make a great gift for that new parent in your life as I am sure they would find it very helpful and useful for their baby’s first year. It’s like a photography class from the comfort of your own home.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After the heartbreaking loss of her second child, mother and acclaimed photographer Me Ra Koh turned to photography to capture her young daughter’s story. Her work and photo recipes have been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Lifetime Television, and VH1, and she is a regular guest contributor to The Nate Berkus Show on NBC. She is proud to be one of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery, as well as host her annual SOAR! Scholarship for aspiring women photographers. You can find her at or on Twitter at!/merakoh.

DISCLOSURE: A product sample was provided to facilitate the review of this book. No financial compensation was received. A small commission is paid on sales made through the Amazon links in this post.


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