Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men -- A Twitter Poll

Every year, I struggle with what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day. He’s not a big chocolate eater and definitely wouldn’t get excited about flowers or a stuffed animal. When I ask him what he wants, he says, “Nothing. The holiday is overcommercialized anyway!” So, I usually end up just picking out a card, and sometimes we’ll go out for lunch together. I took an informal poll on Twitter asking men -- and women -- what guys want/need for Valentine’s Day. Here are the responses I received:

@ParentingSPD A steak dinner with his wife and NO kids. : )

@xSiteable A day alone... j/k! lol

@fuccillohyundsy dinner with the entire family, NO INTERRUPTIONS!

@silver89sentra To come home from deployment. I miss my wife and kids.

@kubit2me Mine’s getting boxers (found at Walgreens w/free gift bag attached!) Bonus: Instant kid hand-me-down after shrinkage!

@zafiro80 i like to keep things simple. present and a card and a kiss. from my kids throw in a hug.

@momtrends Mr. Momtrends got 2 hours of skiing without the kids

So, this year, once again, I just have a card for my husband. What do you suggest I give him? What do you get for your hubby for Valentine’s Day?


  1. we only do cards for each other. Sometimes we'll do gifts but with 2 vehicles that just broke down UGH it isn't happening. I always make a nice pasta meal or a steak dinner, and we hang out with the kids. It's a nice family day.

  2. i got mine a new bacon cooker for the microwave. he loved it. LOL

    Thanks for joining Mailbox Monday- I'm email subscribed and GFC following

  3. Ah, I'm too late for this year, but next year I recommend a gift certifcate to Ruth Chris (if he likes steak, that is). I got one for hubby for our anniversary and you'd have thought it was the best thing I'd ever gotten him...sheesh, he must have forgotten about the great socks I got him last year!!! (Kidding).

    I hope your day was a good one. :)


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