Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Introducing the Fantastic Jody!

I love to share fabulous products for families on this blog, which is why I’m so thrilled that a wonderful writer named Jody has agreed to help me review even more great things! One of the many bonuses of working with Jody is that I now have someone who can look at products for girls and babies. I have four sons, all of school age, so it’s often difficult for me to try products for little girls or infants. Jody has a daughter and a baby niece, and she works as a nanny, so she’s perfect for reviewing plenty of cute and pink items! But she’ll also be reviewing lots of other good things, too. I asked Jody to introduce herself to you, so read on:

Hello, my name is Jody, and I am so happy to have this amazing opportunity to work with Susan on her blog by reviewing some really great products. I like nothing better than to try out wonderful ideas and creations, and to then spread the word on these great things.

I work as a nanny/mother’s helper looking after twins and a 3-month-old here in my hometown in NS, Canada. I have been married for 8 years, and we have a little girl named Sadie who will be 4 in May. She is everything to me, and I want nothing but the best for her. Living in a small town, it’s hard to find great everyday products for moms and their children, so it’s always nice to try new things out and let everybody know about them.

I’m so grateful to Jody for her generosity in sharing her reviews on this blog. Please give her a warm welcome!

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  1. Welcome, Jody. I look forward to reading your reviews!


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