Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February Blog of the Month at Life with Five Monkies!

I’m thrilled to announce that Susan Heim on Parenting is the featured “Blog of the Month” on Life with Five Monkies! As Brandi notes in her review, she and I have been mutual admirers, blog buddies, and twin mommies for several years! She’s awesome and always very supportive, so I hope you’ll check out her blog at www.fivemonkies.com.

Brandi was also kind enough to mention my other website, TwinsTalk, which was set up for parents of multiples to share tips and advice. As Brandi noted, I don’t have as much time to update that site, but it was always meant to contain more reader-generated content. The problem is that parents of twins are often too busy to even think about sitting down to write anything! So, if you’re a parent of multiples, I would LOVE for you to write something for TwinsTalk. It can even be as short as a list of tips or your favorite recipe! Feel free to send it to me at susan at twinstalk dot com or you can submit it directly on the site. If you don’t have twins, but have a special product or words of wisdom for parents of multiples, I’d love to hear from you, too!

Thanks again to Brandi at Life with Five Monkies for featuring Susan Heim on Parenting and TwinsTalk on her site, and for being an amazing person!


  1. Hugs! Glad to have you in the spotlight.

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  3. I'm a new follower from Good Friends Just Click.



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