Thursday, February 17, 2011

Children’s Book Review: The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach, by Hillary Feerick and Jeff Hillenbrand

Mitch Spinach is no ordinary kid. He has a custom-made backpack with temperature-controlled refrigeration to hold purified water, flax seeds, and organic fruits and vegetables. His “Nutripak” also contains a blender so Mitch can make healthy smoothies for lunch every day out of the fruits and veggies in his pack. And Mitch is clearly smarter and healthier than the other kids in his class. He even gets called on by the principal to solve mysteries because he’s so smart!

In The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach, somebody has been making a huge mess in the janitor’s closet. The principal knows that his smartest student, Mitch Spinach, can solve the mystery -- and he does! At the end of the book, Mitch rewards himself with a trip to the Power Foods Market to pick out more healthy foods with his mother.

Also included in The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach are Q&As for parents and teachers so they can answer their kids’ questions about nutrition. For example, it features the question, “Do carrots enhance vision?” There’s even a recipe for Mitch Spinach’s Super Smoothie!

Reading The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach with your kids is a very fun way to teach them about the importance of eating well without being preachy. Children learn that they can become faster and smarter thanks to the foods they put into their body. And they’ll also enjoy the exciting story of Mitch Spinach as he solves a mystery! Visit to learn more about this book and find out how a portion of the book sales can be donated to your children’s school or organization. Games, recipes, and resources for parents and teachers are also provided.



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  1. This book sounds so cute and a great fun way to teach children about the importance of eating healthy. LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!


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