Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I Wish I Was Oprah…

There were about 1,700 entries in the giveaway for the Barnes & Noble NOOKColor Reader’s Tablet. Oh, how I wish I was Oprah so I could award one to every single person who entered! Unfortunately, I am not, so I could only pick one random winner. And what a lucky person she is!

Congratulations to the winner of the NOOKColor Reader's Tablet, Jinxy and Me!

She has already confirmed her win, and a brand-new NOOKColor is on its way to her!

Now, if you were one of the few who watched the video that was on the review, you’ll know that I was running a smaller secondary contest offering a $20 B&N gift card to someone who suggested a terrific new name for my NOOKColor. Many of you went with a “red” theme since I showed the beautiful red leather cover I have for my NOOKColor. That resulted in fun names like Scarlett, Ruby, Cherry, and Rose. Others went for variations on the device’s name, like Barnie (short for Barnes & Noble), or Bookie (a combination of “book” and “nook”). And still others went the literary route and suggested names based on book characters or authors, like Jane (for Jane Austen), Charlotte (for Charlotte Bronte), Scout, Heidi, or Sybil.

I loved them all, but ultimately decided on something simple that would easily roll off the tongue. So, congratulations to Thabal, who suggested the name “Tabby”! Tabby is short for “Reader’s Tablet,” and since I’m a cat lover, that name also appealed to me for that reason. So, a $20 gift card is on its way for that great suggestion!

Thanks to everyone for entering the Barnes & Noble NOOKColor giveaway.
I hope to have many more terrific contests like this in the future, so please stick around! My current giveaways are listed on the right sidebar.


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