Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Teddy Bear for a Sweet Little Girl

I have another wonderful story to tell about the personalized teddy bears donated through the Teddy Bear Wish Program founded by Teddy Bears Personalized. They recently heard about a five-year-old girl named Ashlynn who was blinded as a baby when she was shaken by a babysitter. She is undergoing treatments in China that her family hopes will help restore some eyesight. You can read more about Ashlynn and her ongoing care at and through her mother’s blog.

A friend of Ashlynn’s family contacted Teddy Bears Personalized when she found out about the Teddy Bear Wish Program, which donates personalized teddy bears to children who are especially in need of comfort and encouragement. They agreed that Ashlynn definitely deserved one of their beautiful teddies! Here’s a picture of the teddy bear that is going to Ashlynn. Isn’t it sweet?

If you know a child, like Ashlynn, who may be dealing with a serious illness or is going through a particularly difficult life event, please send an email to with a short message about the child explaining why you would like to see him/her receive a free personalized teddy bear. It's amazing how much joy these teddy bears can bring to children!


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