Monday, January 31, 2011

Teaching Your Kids Smart Money Habits -- with the Help of Sammy Rabbit!

It’s very important to talk to our kids about money -- especially about saving it and spending it wisely -- but it’s not exactly a fascinating topic. So, how do we keep kids’ interest when discussing such a dry subject? One way is with the terrific audio CD set, Sammy’s Secret, Dream & Discovery. This two-disc set is filled with fun and kid-friendly stories, games, and songs about adopting good money habits.

These CDs are just part of a program centered around the character of Sammy Rabbit, who is a very smart bunny when it comes to money. Here are 10 of Sammy’s favorite money sayings:

1. Show your family the way!
2. You can do it, now get to it!
3. Saving is a great habit!
4. From every dollar, save a dime!
5. Saving makes me strong!
6. No free rides!
7. Don't spend more than you make!
8. Earning money is fun to do!
9. Change adds up!
10. Start saving early, not late!

You can also get Sammy Rabbit books and workbooks, as well as another music CD called Mission 1: Celebrate Saving! All these products (and more to come!) are the brainchild of Sam X Renick, a nationally recognized financial education innovator, an award-winning social entrepreneur and author, and an expert at communicating and promoting the habits of saving money, reading, and writing to children and families. He and Sammy Rabbit have made over 500 appearances reading, singing, dancing, and conducting interactive skits to 250,000+ students in 6 countries and 30 states, at schools, conferences, and other events.

If you’d like your kids to start learning about saving money in a fun and innovative way, I recommend that you pick up Sammy’s Secret, Dream & Discovery audio CD, as well as the other Sammy Rabbit products. Your kids will enjoy them so much they won’t even realize they’re learning a valuable life skill!


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DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of the audio CD, Sammy’s Secret, Dream & Discovery, to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was provided.

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  1. Jack Smith3:42 PM

    I would also recommend the shildren's book series "Finance for Kidz" by Prof Prakash Dheeriya. These books are written in story book form but contain valuable financial lessons.
    I bought them and have never regretted buying them.


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